We build what your customers need. 

Have a product in mind?


We'll co-invest and build it.

You bring the idea.


We'll bring the team with thousands of hours of development experience.

Getting an MVP into the hands of the customer is the best way to test whether what you think - works.

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Experienced Innovation

Our CTOs have developed 30+ start-ups across the world and specialize in MVP (minimum viable product) and early stage software development.

includes: blockchain | mobile | machine learning

Mitigate your risk with minimal initial investment

Your success is our success. 


Pay a fraction of the fees upfront. The rest is on equity or joint-venture.

Simple and Neat


We work with you to design from a 

user's mind


Build and launch

your MVP with agile 



Test. Iterate. Repeat. Achieve product-market fit.


Transition to your technical team or continue with us.

Why work with us.

We found Etinx to offer fellow founders assistance in technical decision-making and form the core tech team they need.


We offer flexible collaboration terms to help achieve your goals. Contact us to find out how.

But product is not all we're about. Your team may comprise of experienced CTOs and senior developers that mentor high-potential talent from underserved markets.

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