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Etinx Academy

Ignite your career in the software industry

Etinx Academy is more than just a school. We prepare you for your dream job and mentor you for the rest of your career.

We invest in your future.

Zero upfront tuition fees. Start paying a percentage of your salary only after you get a job. Your success is our success.



Individual and unique program for each student based on skills, attitude and interests.



Consistently present, from the first interview to future career development and progression.

Zero upfront tuition fees

Pay a percentage of your salary only when you get a job.


We are proud to offer a free start in our programs to support equal opportunities and community development.

The best help we can offer is the ability to build a better future for yourself and the people around you.

Your journey


Learn the basics of software development and team work


Identify your strengths and understand the different paths available for you


Acquire competencies, skills, and apply them in real-world situations


Work with our mentors to prepare for interviews and career progression

Career Path

Once you have completed your academic year, we will help you to get your first job placement via our partners, and then mentor you in creating your own career trajectory.

Level 1

Junior Developer

UX Designer

Project Coordinator


Level 2

Mid Level Developer

UX Expert

Junior Project Manager

QA Manager

Level 3

Senior Developer

Technical Leader


Project Manager

Product Manager

Level 4


CTO/VP Engineering

Lead Architect

Program Manager

COURSE STRUCTURE - 9 months total

- 2 months on-site.
- 7 months online. Study from anywhere you want.
- 1 month online exams and interview preparation.


- option 1: 0$ upfront + 15% of your salary for 3 years
- option 2: 5K upfront + 8% of your salary for 3 years

- option 3: 20K upfront