Helping startups grow.

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Who is this for?

- Tech startups with potential to scale or impact


- Early stage (pre-seed and seed)

- No geographical boundaries

Our Process

Build: if we align in vision, we invest in a good portion of your product and build it.

Validate: we help you optimize product-market fit, create and demonstrate traction.

Fund: fundraising preparation and investment. Only accessible if you validated your model and idea.

Scale: bring your company to the next level.

Early stage startups: where are you at in your journey?



Have an idea, deck or prototype and want to build a new tech startup? We co-invest and help build and grow.

MVP Completed Ready to launch

Contact us to understand what kind of support we can provide. At seed stage, only companies with track records will be eventually funded.

Product Launched and Validated

If you believe to have a solid case contact us and apply to get funded for seed stage. We can help you scale and get to the next level.