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If you already have experience as a software developer and want to jump-start your career with us, there is plenty of opportunities for growth by working with us in delivering innovative solutions for some of the top brands in the world. 


We are looking for talents whether a Junior that need a safe and professional environment to refine their skillset or a Senior that is ready for the battlefield.

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Developers from all skillsets can apply

- Juniors/Mid Level: Includes a 2month formation/orientation program that allows us to determine if you are a great fit for us.

- Seniors: No formation program is required. They can join the Etinx team immediately.

- Mentors: Help our developers to shape their career. Need to have more than 15 years of experience.

Benefit of working at Etinx:

1) The opportunity to work at a fast-growing startup 

2) Industry-standard salary

3) Flexible working condition 

4) Opportunity to help bright entrepreneurs make their dream come true

5) End of the month team hangout

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