Building startups.

We co-invest in your startup and build your MVP.


So you can focus on your business.

How it works

Tangible support.
If you're out there changing the world, we're right there with you. We co-invest on early-stage tech startups.
Etinx helps you validate your idea and get traction.
If your startup is already at that stage, we can help you scale.
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Why Etinx

Opportunity Equity.

You can take pride in knowing you are part of a movement for ethical innovation, empowering talented-coders from underserved communities.

We build your product with our high-quality, experienced coders whom we've personally chosen to mentor each step of the way. 

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Marco Vitolo

Etinx stands for reliability and professionalism. We managed to go live in time, thanks to them! A team of serious, tireless and deeply experienced people.


Tommie Tatum

Choosing Etinx to build my company's BETA software was a no brainer. Their product quality and alignment seems unmatched.


Tyler Walz

Etinx got us an MVP we are very happy with and most importantly safe secure and expandable for future iterations


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Do you need technical help with your startup?

Apply with Etinx to get your vision built and launched in a snap.

A True Technical Partner in a Venture Studio.
With decades of experience, our CTOs are adept at intersecting Early Stage companies, Technology and Business, so your solution is viable, scalable and stands a higher chance to succeed. 

With a global network, we develop your case for investment and facilitate you in your fundraising journey. 

We specialize in:

  • Technical strategy

  • UX and Architectural design

  • Solution Development

  • Tech integration and orchestration